Learning a little bit all the time.

This past weekend, we were invited to a dinner party featuring the food of Peru and I was responsible for dessert.  I searched, but there do not seem to be a bunch of traditional desserts from Peru, but I decided to attempt Leche Asada (turned milk – it’s like a flan) Recipe.  The top of the dessert is caramelized sugar.  I love caramel, so I thought this was a good sign.

The first thing I learned about caramelizing is that I didn’t know how to do it.  I had to throw out the first crystalized sugar concoction.  Luckily, CookingLight.com has a great section that teaches you all sorts of things about cooking and saved the day! Class Video.  Basically, you boil the sugar in water until the water evaporates and the mixture is the color you want – trick – do NOT stir after the sugar has evaporated…. Who knew?

The second thing I learned is that when they say don’t touch caramelized sugar because it is hot, really, DON’T touch it.  It’s hot and it stays hot for quite a while.  I have a nice blister on my finger to remind me of this lesson.

The third, and final, lesson was really a reminder.  The Aloe plant is truly amazing with taking away the pain of a burn.  I now have a great one in my kitchen – I’m sure it will come in handy since I rarely learn a recipe without also gaining a scar.

oh… I think the dessert came out correctly – however, I wasn’t a fan…


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