Now, I’m a farmer – or at least a potential gardener

ImageI am the proud owner/renter of plot #46, a 20×30 area full of possibility at the local community garden.  Yesterday, we went by to look at our plot.  It was fairly warm day, unusual for April in New England, so I went out in flip flops – I got my feet dirty. I hadn’t realized how very soft really well tilled soil can be.  The ground around my house – where it is not actually rock, is nearly as hard as.

Today, we started at Home Depot where we got metal posts and plastic garden fencing and other accoutrement vitally necessary for community gardening. Dressed in better foot-ware we went back to trusty #46 to get started. For a place where traditionally gardeners aren’t putting anything in the ground before May 10th, if not Labor Day, there were quite a few of us out there appreciating the rare 80 degree weather.  We met our plot neighbor Mark and a a near neighbor Paul.  Both of them had great advice – scarily, everyone seems to mention weeds above everything else.Image

Following Mark’s example, I started wheelbarrowing in manure while Kipp worked on driving the metal fence things into the ground. I am still amazed that I can now say that I have personally shoveled aged manure and spread it over dirt where I am planning on growing things I will eventually put into my mouth. It just seems wrong.











Kipp was a great sport making my fence. Poor guy, every time I start something new, it’s just more work for him. Stay tuned for more adventures with Farmer Pam.